Bridging Business & IT

S3 Ep2: A Candid Look at the Road from College to Tech VC and PE Partner: Part II

January 31, 2023 Dave Burrill & Dan Burrill Season 3 Episode 2
Bridging Business & IT
S3 Ep2: A Candid Look at the Road from College to Tech VC and PE Partner: Part II
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If you're in the tech sector and looking for investment funding, it a good idea to understand a little bit about the people you're pitching. Today’s conversation is a continuation of our last episode with one such investor, Brent Granado.  Brent's a JD, MBA who started out as a corporate attorney working on deals, moved in-house running corporate development and M&A doing deals, then jumped over to the funding/investment side. He's currently Managing Partner at Sweetwater Private Equity. Prior to that Brent was a General Partner at Sway Ventures. Both firms are focused exclusively on the tech sector, primarily on Software as a Service.

We got into Brent's background the last time. Today we dig deeper into a discussion of venture funding in the tech space, the mechanics of that environment, how that landscape has changed over the years, and where things seem to be headed now

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A less founder friendly environment
Evolution of the start up funding environment
A positive change with investors
Pattern recognition
Things to think about before you approach an investor