Bridging Business & IT

S3 Ep3: 2022 PMI Global Summit Presentation - The Biggest Constraint in IT Projects is the Human Brain

February 01, 2023 Dave Burrill & Dan Burrill Season 3 Episode 3
Bridging Business & IT
S3 Ep3: 2022 PMI Global Summit Presentation - The Biggest Constraint in IT Projects is the Human Brain
Show Notes

In December, 2022 the Project Management Institute held their Global Summit Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada . Of the more than 250 talks and break out sessions, about 10% were featured live. These were selected to showcase the most important issues in project management. As fate would have it, Dave was asked to give one of those live talks.

It's widely known that IT projects fail at an alarming rate. What's not widely known is that the cause of 75% of those failures is our inability to communicate. What's even less well known is that the cause of that inability is the human brain. This presentation explains how and why our brain sabotages our communications, and offers a simple way to fix that problem. 

The title of the Dave's presentation was "The Human Brain: The IT Kiting Constraint We Never Consider". Obviously this is a topic we've talked a lot about on this podcast. Given the response of the 300+ people in attendance, we're going to be talking about it a lot more. It was great to give this talk because it was so nice to be able to interact with a live audience again and get their reactions. We wondered when we started to explore the chasm between business and IT three years ago whether the problem was really that bad. After watching 300 heads nod up and down in agreement for an hour and getting to talk to so many great people afterwards, it's clear this is an issue we must deal with. 

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