Bridging Business & IT

S1 E4 Part 1: The Solution - The Business Execution Lifecycle

September 01, 2021 Dave Burrill and Dan Burrill Season 1 Episode 4
Bridging Business & IT
S1 E4 Part 1: The Solution - The Business Execution Lifecycle
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This episode introduces a simple solution to bridge the gap between everything the business knows and what they communicate to the IT project team. We propose a checklist of questions to cover each step in the Business Execution Lifecycle (“BEL”). Execution is not a one-off, linear exercise, but rather a continuous cycle with four distinct stages (Do, Manage, Assess, Refine) that is common to every business process. If you understand the BEL framework, you can create a checklist to unpack the details of a process (or project) to ensure that you’ve covered everything you need to cover.

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Fixing the problem.
A common framework.
Governance models never tell you what questions to ask.
Why expert processes are preferable to experts.
We're putting software engineers in an impossible situation.
We propose a model, but all models have limits.
What software is and isn't.
Introduction to the Business Execution Lifecycle.