Bridging Business & IT

S1 E3 Part 2: The Cause - Our Brain Doesn’t Work the Way We Thought

August 20, 2021 Dave Burrill and Dan Burrill Season 1 Episode 3
Bridging Business & IT
S1 E3 Part 2: The Cause - Our Brain Doesn’t Work the Way We Thought
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Part two continues where part one leaves off by attempting to explain—as well as a non-scientist can—seven unconscious and uncontrollable ways our brain works to unwittingly sabotage IT projects. These “sinister seven” are by no means unique to IT or business. They inject themselves into and impact every human interaction.

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The sinister seven.
Our unconscious autopilot.
An 'operating system' built around stories.
We’ve got very limited RAM.
What we see is all there is.
Our stories aren't exactly accurate.
The brain always looks to conserve resources.
The greater your expertise, the more details you forget.
A trip to the woodshed for both business and IT.
If we were trying to fail, we couldn’t do a better job.
Three reasons to do things differently.