Bridging Business & IT

S1 E9: Data, Analytics & Reporting

December 01, 2021 Dave Burrill, Dan Burrill, Roger Moore Season 1 Episode 9
Bridging Business & IT
S1 E9: Data, Analytics & Reporting
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Roger Moore (no, not 007) is our guest today. Roger currently teaches Analytics at the University of Chicago where he’s also an alum of their MBA program. Over his 30-plus year career he’s been with a number of major consulting groups such as BCG, Gartner, Booze and PWC. He’s currently running his own Data and Analytics firm. This conversation is foundational. Roger helps us unpack the critical components and structures of a good data, analytics and reporting organization / strategy. Unfortunately, due to the enormous expanse of this topic, we weren’t able to get into detailed discussions on the mechanics of the process. Fortunately, Roger’s already agreed to come back for deeper dives in the near future. Stay tuned.

Guest LinkedIn Profile: Roger Moore

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Introduction & background
Putting the topic in context
The data, analytics and reporting cycle
A personal draw to this space
Need to carefully consider where we focus and what we ignore
Three key things execs need at the program level
Components of a good data and analytics organization/strategy
Diplomatically getting execs to see it’s about the business not IT
Empowering your team up and down the organization
The greatest arbiter of success